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What is monexinvest.com at all?
monexinvest.com is the official website for Bitfat Ltd. (Previously Monex Invest Ltd.) which is a prominent company in investing in financial markets and also is a financial and management consultancy. The company also offers safe durable long-term investment opportunity through this official website.
Does the company have official registration? How can I check it?
The company was first registered on 19th August 2015 under the name Monex Invest Ltd., and after being developed, evolved into a larger company with more services. Then it was legally and officially registered in the UK in 2018 under the Company number 11630450. If necessary, you can check the company information in the state register of British: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11630450
Does monexinvest.com offer long-term investment opportunity?
Yes, it does. The first phase of our investment program is up to 2030 and we are considering expanding and continuing our programs in the following years.
Are my investments safe in monexinvest.com investing programs?
Sure they are. As your official representative in financial markets, monexinvest.com does its best in risk management fields and acting in financial markets. We do not expose our investors’ capital to risky situations.
Who can be your investor?
Anyone can be an investor and join our program. No matter how well educated or experienced they are in financial markets and how well they understand the scope of the business.
How can someone become a company investor?
First of all, you have to sign up. After finishing the registration process, you can use your perfectmoney e-wallet balance to charge your monexinvest account and make an investment.
How many accounts can I register?
You can register and use only one account to profit from your investment and our affiliate program. Registering multiple accounts may cause all your accounts to get locked and your money to be blocked.
What payment methods can I use for investments and withdrawals?
Currently, we only accept perfectmoney for investments. For withdrawals, we offer perfectmoney, Bitcoin and USDT. But we are looking to add to our deposit and withdrawal methods.
I want to invest Bitcoin. What do I do?
You should exchange it with perfectmoney e-dollar and invest after signing up in monexinvest.com" target="_blank">https://blockchain.info
What is Bitcoin address? What should I set up in my account?
Bitcoin address looks like a set of letters and numbers from 27 to 34 characters long, it is your network identifier. Your address has a similar format: 11uRtNtunupShBVTewXjtqbBv5MndwfXhb
How to find out the current Bitcoin price in my local currency?
You can use any online converter to get the current Bitcoin price. The most popular service is https://bitcoinexchangerate.org.
Do you plan to expand the payment functionality?
We do not exclude the possibility of further expanding the list of currency instruments, so we recommend to follow the updates and company news.
How much can I deposit/invest?
Our minimum investment is 50$. You can also add to your active investment anytime you want.
How fast will my deposit be credited?
Your deposit will be credited to your account immediately.
What are the investment terms?
Monexinvest.com offers yearly contracts for investments. Contracts are refundable; i.e. your capital will be available for you after the contract ends. You will earn up to 7.5% of your invested capital monthly. Payments are available in your balance on 15th of each month.
Can I withdraw my profits every day?
Unfortunately you cannot. We calculate our net profit every month and you can withdraw your profit 15th of each month.
Can I reinvest from my available balance?
Sure you can.
When will I receive my deposit back?
One year after deposition when your investment contract ends.
How can I withdraw my profit?
Whenever you have available balance in your account, you can request for withdrawal. Your profit will be deposited to your wallet after being processed.
How long does withdrawal process take?
Between 1 to 4 working days.
Are there any withdrawal limits?
You can request withdrawals more than 1$ any time you want.
Can I make a deposit using one payment system, but withdraw profit through another one?
Yes, you can.
Is there any bonus for attracting new investors?
Yes. You can join are referral program using your unique referral link and earn 2% of your referrals’ investments.
Do I have to make a deposit before using my referral link?
Yes. Your account needs to be active before you attract any new investor.