About monexinvest.com

Monexinvest project started in 2015 by a team of experienced traders who were active in financial markets. The goal was to find a trading strategy which was practical with a high win rate. In the first four years of its activity, monexinvest’s team was studying different trading strategies to create a profitable practical Forex and Stocks trading strategy and eventually became successful. After testing the strategy for several months, the team decided to attract investments from all over the world to help people profit from its unique strategy.

The team’s first mission was to create a trading strategy for winning in financial markets. After achieving this goal, Monexinvest team decided to expand their project and help all people profit from their strategy. A lot of people are eager to make extra income from financial markets, but they either do not know how or do not have enough time to do so. Monexinvest is here to help these people make their dreams come true.

The team’s main focus is on working in Forex and Stocks Markets. Monex traders make trades only in Forex Major Currency Pairs and CFD Indices. Although the strategy has been tested in cryptocurrency market as well and found to be successful, Monexinvest team did not show interest in working in such markets.

Monexinvest’s mission is to help people make money by investing, but there will be extra bonus for those who help the project’s popularity. The team considered a 2% bonus for referring new investors. After signing up, you can find your unique referral link in your dashboard. Use it to invite your friends and make extra income. Note the affiliate bonus is considered only for direct referrals.

Monexinvest is pleased to offer a profitable cooperation program in which anyone can invest and make extra income of up to 7.5% per month; regardless of their level of knowledge and understanding of trading strategies and financial market. Investors can also increase their income by referring new investors to the project.

The company was first officially registered in 2015 under the number 9739517.